Product Review: Charcoalogy bamboo charcoal purifying facial day cleanser


**disclaimer** I am NOT getting paid for this review, this review is based solely on my own personal experience with this product!

So before I get into the review, I’ll tell you how I ended up purchasing  this product to begin with.  I was on my break at work sitting in my car and noticed my face breaking out !! (yea I know a little late for that right) my pores were humongous, it was at that moment I decided that I needed and at home spa night. That night when I got off I ran to the beauty section at my job and brought 40 dollars worth of facial supplies. I brought face scrubs, retinol beauty oil (from two different brands, which were both amazing I’ll review later) a pore scrubber , and a lip treatment. When I say I went spa crazy, I mean just that if I thought it would work I bought it !

so that’s what got us to this point here as of today I’ve been using this product for two weeks and I must say that I’m extremely impressed with this product. the first night I used it I had some mixed feelings about it. I didn’t like the way my skin felt after using it, although my face didn’t physically look ashy it felt it even after putting on a face moisturizer.  I gave it another go thinking that maybe I used to many products on my face the night before and I was amazed by it. my face felt so clean, it no longer gave my face an ashy feeling and after switching out my moisturizer for the retinol oil my face had a really nice glow to it.

if I had to rate this product from 1 to 5 I would give it an 5, because it does exactly what its advertised to do and that’s to clean pores and have them appear smaller than before. I will say this though I didn’t miss a day using this product, I used this product everyday morning and night for two weeks and I also paired it with and oil. (see below image for the oil that I used)


if you have dry skin like me I would suggest you use and oil at night and a moisturizer in the morning for your skin to have better results with this product.  you can purchase both of these products at your local TJ MAXX or you can order these both on Ebay.

Did you like the review? Will you be trying this product out? Or have you already tried it ? Join the convo I want to here from you!! Like comment and share this post 🙂






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