Product Review: Charcoalogy bamboo charcoal purifying facial day cleanser


**disclaimer** I am NOT getting paid for this review, this review is based solely on my own personal experience with this product!

So before I get into the review, I’ll tell you how I ended up purchasing  this product to begin with.  I was on my break at work sitting in my car and noticed my face breaking out !! (yea I know a little late for that right) my pores were humongous, it was at that moment I decided that I needed and at home spa night. That night when I got off I ran to the beauty section at my job and brought 40 dollars worth of facial supplies. I brought face scrubs, retinol beauty oil (from two different brands, which were both amazing I’ll review later) a pore scrubber , and a lip treatment. When I say I went spa crazy, I mean just that if I thought it would work I bought it !

so that’s what got us to this point here as of today I’ve been using this product for two weeks and I must say that I’m extremely impressed with this product. the first night I used it I had some mixed feelings about it. I didn’t like the way my skin felt after using it, although my face didn’t physically look ashy it felt it even after putting on a face moisturizer.  I gave it another go thinking that maybe I used to many products on my face the night before and I was amazed by it. my face felt so clean, it no longer gave my face an ashy feeling and after switching out my moisturizer for the retinol oil my face had a really nice glow to it.

if I had to rate this product from 1 to 5 I would give it an 5, because it does exactly what its advertised to do and that’s to clean pores and have them appear smaller than before. I will say this though I didn’t miss a day using this product, I used this product everyday morning and night for two weeks and I also paired it with and oil. (see below image for the oil that I used)


if you have dry skin like me I would suggest you use and oil at night and a moisturizer in the morning for your skin to have better results with this product.  you can purchase both of these products at your local TJ MAXX or you can order these both on Ebay.

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5 ways to save money and still live life as a fashionista !!

lets be honest for a second, who doesn’t enjoy the glitz and glam that life has to offer, i’d think most of us would be lying to our selves if we said that we don’t find the idea of living life like a Kardashian a tad bit appealing, but the problem for most are fiances. Although I cant teach you how to make the money of a Kardashian to live a life of luxury;  I can how ever teach you how to live a little more frugal, on a daily basis to plan for those luxurious moments.




Do you need new clothes in your closet but your fiances are low, skip the store and have a swap party with your fashion forward friends. trade clothes with each other and save money. you can even make a girls night out of it, make inspiration boards, sip wine and have a fashion show with your new garments. everyone will have a good time.




I know! hard right, it was hard for me at first too. after saving 50 dollars a week just by cutting out my frequent stops to starbucks and simply making my own joe at home . Did i convince you yet? if you insist on drinking starbucks coffee only they have it at your local grocery store to make at home for yourself, so you’ll be getting your favorite coffee and saving an additional coin.. you can thank me later.



Instead of spending money at your favorite restaurants, buy groceries and entertain at home. you’ll save so much money by cutting out the middle man and just doing it yourself . you’ll be able to entertain in a peaceful environment, whats more peaceful then your own home. light candles and play your favorite tunes and enjoy your company with no distractions. oh yeah did i mention that you’ll have leftovers !! 🙂scissors-cutting-coupon-dotted-line-32160935.jpg


who said fashionista’s don’t coupon ? they lied!! i’ve found that couponing saves me and additional 150 dollars a month. How? well for starters i cut coupons and use coupon apps! sites like groupon save you money on just about everything from trips, hotels massages you name it. before shopping anywhere check groupon first they have amazing deals!! most of the stuff you find in your area to do are atleast 50% off ! as far as groceries and household things are concerned a hand full of grocery store double and some times triple coupons up to a dollar. safe way doubles on a daily basis and harris tetter does as well, certain days of the month harris tetter triple coupons ! also sign up for the savings cards for each store you shop in it saves you additional money outside of the coupons your using.




Ok, Yes I made the term up but its the best way to shop EVER! I like shopping (fact) but i like saving even more I’ve found out that every Tuesday, good will has 50% off and every Wednesday salvation army has 50% off  take advantage of this guys both of this stores have amazing finds if you take the time to actually look threw the store .


I hope this post has helped guys 🙂 like and comment if  you have any more suggestions of saving money comment i wont to see what you guys think until next time 🙂 



Today is YOUR DAY !!

Today I woke up feeling inspired, and I wanted to share that feeling with others. I’m starting my own business and as you know its not easy as some might put it out to be, starting your business and getting it off of the ground is HARD WORK! especially for a working single parent. but I say that to say this EVERYTHING will fall into place! and don’t try to skip the struggle to obtain success. The struggle is there for a reason and it never last long as long as your doing what you need to do to get to the next level of your own success story. hint that I said YOUR OWN!  Its so easy to get side tracked at the nice lifestyles of the rich and famous and want to jump the gun and rush things to be a “instant success ” DONT DO IT ! quick success can sometimes equal to big failures! and you never know exactly what part of their life they are showing you, most people don’t flaunt their failures just their success so while your trying to live the life they post your missing out on the downs of it all.. remember THE GRASS ALWAYS LOOKS GREENER ON SOCIAL MEDIA !! no one shows to sleepless nights the days were their broke with no money because their business ate it all or the days of going without . just remember that everything comes with a price and as an entrepreneur nothing comes easy.

so today if you have a lot on your plate take a second to breathe, write down what you can do today and start your mission on getting it accomplished ! I like to take at least 30 minutes half way into my list of things to accomplish to just relax, take a second to pray write in a journal to listen to music just to get me motivated to finish up what I have to do !


hope this post motivated someone today . talk to ya later I got a list to tend to 🙂